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INLVM’s Summer Make-over!

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INLVM’s UPDATES for 2015!

We are excited about the return of The Starscopes, Zodiac and Cusp Report and the upcoming changes for our re-release on August 1st. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on our progress.

We have added a link to the beginning of each article at the time-code in the video to make it easier for you to refer back to your favorite article. Although that will change on the front page monthly, there will also be a copy archived on the Blog Post page. Also, because we have 2 years worth of fantastic articles with very interesting subjects, we have started a Public Discussion Forum and will be posting previous and current articles for public opinion and debate. We look forward to having you join us there to give us YOUR perspective.



In New Light Video Magazine

  is created as an innovative, alternative news media for expressing views that are outside of the mainstream or common knowledge. It is built in video format and hosted on Youtube for ease of viewing on phones, tablets, and computers. With its narrations and text, it also caters to the hearing and visually impaired, and anyone that may have a harder time reading the articles. In New Light Video Magazine can also be conveniently watched and listened to while on the go!

In New Light Video Magazine was created to share alternative news and stories that may allow you to gain new perspectives of our world. We strive to bring things into a “new light”, by researching and exploring world events, news, and uncommon information. In New Light Video Magazine is a written and narrated magazine in a video format, that can basically read itself to you, making it user friendly for multimedia devices. We have also expanded with our Blogtalk Radio Channel for podcast listening, offering our patrons an opportunity to speak to the staff and share their perspectives during the live chat broadcast.

We wanted to make it easy to access our information and viewable in a format that could be seen almost anywhere the internet is available, making our publication virtually global. Our mid-monthly publications are uploaded to Youtube, and available to view without the need for apps or additional downloads. We hope you enjoy this new and innovative way of seeing things in a new perspective.

We are a team of hard working, dedicated people striving to make the versatile and factual accounts come together in an unbiased and informative collection to bring a “New Light” to many subjects and global concerns.

We are always interested in topics that can offer a new perspective of seeing things in our world. If you have a story or event you would like to share with us, submit a brief description and send us an email at, or use our contact form.  For more information on advertising space in our magazine, please send a request to the above email and place ” ad space ” in the subject line.



Video Magazine Media for Alternative News. — 16 Comments

  1. June Vol 15 has some great information on getting rid of fleas naturally in your home, and on your pets! With Food Grade Diatamoceous Earth!

    • I have started using the garden grade in the yard for ant control, AND using the food grade for my cats. Our 2 oldest have always had an issue with reoccuring worms. It’s been an issue for most of their 5 years. After 2 months of giving them a small dose in tuna juice, and lightly powdering their fur, they have been worm free for at least 3 weeks now. This was a GREAT tip for taking care of their problem.

  2. The Black Knight Story is awesome! I myself have been fasinated with this story ever since I first heard of it. Discoveries like that, or even the possibilities of such finds, really makes one wonder the questions “What if” “A WHAT?!” lol

  3. Hey if you want to see even more cool stuff check out Beyond News. They are a great group of bloggers and always have some interesting stuff to read. And thanks to all of them for helping us at In New Light Video Magazine help others see things in a new light :)

  4. Hey if you want to see even more cool stuff check out Stacy’s blog right here at In New Light Video Magazine :)

  5. It is such a pleasure to work with such wonderful people! I am so honored to be a part of In New Light Video Magazine! I hope every one enjoys this and feels the love that we all have for this! Blessings

  6. I would like to say that this publication is totally awesome. I have to give ya’ll credit. I couldn’t do this. Not without some talented help. There is truly great information to get here. so much more refreshing than the network news. which is very negative and depressing. I don’t know where ya’ll find this info. it is great. and the sound of the voice of the narrator, it just kind of calms you and draws you in. Great job. keep at it.


  7. The May issue’s Feature story on Lilou Mace by Stacy Hill, will inspire you to chase your dreams and live the life that will fulfill you. Catch her story by viewing the May Issue of In New Light VideoMagazine now on youtube.
    Also Don’t forget to Check out the “Starscopes Zodiac & Cusp Astrology forecast” to see what is in store for you this month! I write them every month for you and truly it is an honor to bring the light from the heaven into a report that provides entertainment as well as insight. I hope you enjoy it!! let me know, write your comments here. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Tami Sabo

  8. I am delighted to work with such a dynamic team. Each month gets to be more and more of a Thrill to be a part of such an innovative magazine. Viewing it in a video format has helped us create something that is user friendly for nearly everyone, and especially those that are hearing or visually impaired can be able to enjoy it with ease. A magazine that reads itself to you!

  9. This is a great video magazine. A lot of good information I didn’t have before. The way it is presented is cool.

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